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Kevin Corcoran Jr.

keynote speaker & communication expert


Hi, I'm Kevin.

I've worked with Fortune 500 companies, top-ranked universities, successful startups, and charitable non-profits all over the world helping thousands of amazing people accelerate productivity, improve relationships, increase sales, boost confidence, live more mindfully, and lead inspirationally by teaching them life-changing communication skills.


Let's make it happen!




Elevate your next event with a highly engaging Keynote or Talk that will spark ideas, capture minds, and ultimately transform the audience in a positive way. Electrifying topics include transformational leadership, skillful communication, developing mindfulness, building great teams, and persuasion psychology. 

1 on 1 


Unlock your full communication potential with personalized 1 on 1 coaching that is tailored to your unique strengths and goals. Through expert guidance, trade secrets, and actionable, real-time feedback, you'll learn how to tell unforgettable stories, create engaging content, build gorgeous visual aids, & speak with unshakeable confidence. 

Workshops &

Team Building

Let's make your team better than you ever imagined! I've worked with teams all over the world at some of the biggest companies (Apple, Slack, Salesforce) on improving communication, boosting productivity, and brining people together in unforgettably fun ways! I will design and facilitate a one-of-a-kind workshop to meet your team's biggest needs. 

"Thanks to Kevin's awesome talk, I've been connecting and selling more than ever before!"

Published Book


Where the Magic Happens!

The Science & Stories Behind Challenging Your Comfort Zone

The first time I ever tried to give a speech, I ran off the stage, fell to the floor, puked, then cried my eyes out. Fast forward and now I'm a professional speaker. Wait, WHAT?! What I learned is that ANYONE can develop the courage & confidence to do ANYTHING they imagine. Fear is just a manipulative emotion that holds us back from living the lives we want to live. I wrote this book to help people fight that fear and discover the magic on the other side of the comfort zone.

3D Cover Full Size.png

Let's make it happen!

If you need an engaging & entertaining speaker for your next event, 1 on 1 coaching to unlock your full potential, or a team building workshop to bring your team together, let's chat today and make it happen!

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